In loving memory of Joshua David Field, 1981-2020

In loving memory of Joshua David Field, 1981-2020

We would like to take this opportunity to remember what FD means to our families and community.

We would like to take some time to think about the loved ones we have lost to this heartbreaking condition, especially Joshua Fields, who died in July 2020. Our sincere thoughts are with his parents Roger and Julia ( nee Collis) Field. Roger and Julia grew up in Hampstead Garden Suburb and were from well known local families namely Collis, Field, Feigenbaum, Frankfurt and Minsky. Mr Stanley Frankfurt o”h, an uncle of Roger, had been a warden of the Norrice Lea (U.S) shul and against the perceived wisdom of the time, c. 1960, set up the successful Kerem Primary School .

All the families were staunch supporters of the Norrice Lea community and its activities. When Joshua was born and diagnosed with FD, he was treated though the NHS and Great Ormond Street Hospital. After 2 years and with great courage, his parents headed westwards to the USA, to Dr Felicia Axelrod at NYU, where, they felt they would obtain superior treatment for Joshua. He did indeed flourish under Dr Axelrod. On completing high school, Joshua attended Hofstra University graduating with a Bachelors’ degree in History and a Masters’ degree in Higher Education Leadership and Policy Study. He went on to work at the same University in Human Resources Admin., living independently in his own apartment.

Sadly, he passed away peacefully in July 2020. Joshua is warmly remembered by the founding members of FD-UK (formerly known as DSGB.) We extend sincere condolences to Joshuas’ entire family.

Contribution by Dr Jeffrey Freilich

We send thoughts and love to anyone who has lost someone from FD. If you are impacted from this story please know we are there to support you and will try to help, please email: