Sarah Landau wins JVNs Lifetime Achievement in Volunteering Award

Sarah Landau and her JVN Lifetime achievement

Sarah Landau wins JVNs Lifetime Achievement in Volunteering Award

Sarah Landau, is currently a Trustee and Treasurer of FD-UK and she has held key positions at FD-UK for the last 25 years. Sara recently won the Jewish Volunteering Network (JVN) lifetime volunteering award for her constant support of FD-UK

Sara has been a member of the committee since 1990. She plays a huge role at the regular monthly committee meetings and her input and management as treasurer is fundamental to our smooth running. She spends much time keeping our accounting books and records up to date, dealing with the charities commission and our end of year accounts. Sara also completes all the accounts for all our individual functions and fundraising activities and payments of invoices. Her role as Trustee involves the processing of all claims and dealing with the recipients of those claims. As a result, she is in regular communication with our FD-UK community offering support as well as feeding relevant concerns back to the committee. Sara attends all trustee meetings on a regular basis and as a trustee is involved in all decision making for the future of the charity.

We are so grateful for the time, support and skills Sara brings to FD-UK.

She has such a positive impact on the committee itself, as well as the FD-UK community. All in all Sarah is the epitome of a volunteer and a senior committee member. She is an example to us all, showing exceptional dedication and making such a huge contribution to FD-UK. With the deepest gratitude the committee and on behalf of the FD-UK community we want to thank you for all your hard work and want to tell you what a difference you have made to the smooth running of the finances of FD-UK, to our relationships with our community and to the FD-UK families who have liaised with you for such a long time.