FD-UK committee had recreated a new website, gone zoom-tastic and created new online events.

Dr Shara Cohen

FD-UK committee had recreated a new website, gone zoom-tastic and created new online events.

During the pandemic our Vice-Chair Dr Shara Cohen has used her digital expertise to recreate our website and make it more intuitive, also creating a new donation wall where you can donate and dedicate to a loved one or in memory of someone, if you wish. Shara has also created a new online events system to support our social media and digital presence. We are very grateful for her technical wizardry and the time she has devoted to this, we are very fortunate for her digital skills, hard work and dedication.

As a committee we now regularly host our monthly committee meetings on zoom, chaired and managed seamlessly by Simeon Cohen our Chairman.

As well as creating new virtual events over the pandemic, from the up-and-coming cooking lesson and annual quiz. Last year we took-part in the virtual Maccabi fun run, in May for FD-UK and their inter-charity Quiz Night in December. We are proud to say all these technical developments have been manged voluntarily and we have not had to dip into charity funds, especially at a time when traditional fundraising has been so difficult.  It is felt that integrating these new technologies and platforms into FD-UK has catapulted us into a future of online fundraising and management. As we all adapt to the next normal, our families and the committee have started to enjoy and value many aspects of this online format. Any challenges with our technologies and online platforms have been well supported and tackled head on, which is testament to our dedicated voluntary committee who (like the rest of the word) did not have the ability to plan, for this scenario. This drive may enable FD-UK, like many businesses and charities, to digitally transform and adapt into a more integrated online future. Whilst our events and committee are engaged online, we all appreciated and miss seeing each other and fundraising physically together. The virtual collaboration and commitment of our committee, to this online environment has been a great shift that has been greatly valued. 

Its is important to note that all our FD-UK committee is made up from volunteers.

So, as well as volunteering for FD-UK our committee members are managing family members with FD who are shielding, children they are home schooling and the stresses of managing their careers and businesses during a pandemic. Several of our committee members and their family members, even caught and thank g-d all recovered well from Covid-19.  Achieving what we have this year has truly been a team effort as we are all committed to giving our FD-UK community, the funds, care and support they deserve