Bryan King won a Lifetime Achievement in Jewish Volunteering Network Award

Bryan King won a Lifetime Achievement in Jewish Volunteering Network Award

Bryan King, is a Trustee and co-founder FD-UK and he has held key positions for over 40 years.

Bryan won the JVN lifetime volunteering award for FD-UK. FD-UK is a small committee of which some members are parents of children with FD. Bryan has been supporting the committee members and their families since the creation of the Charity, and has not missed a monthly meeting in 40 years! Bryan has also brought in his family to assist with the running of this charity and its fundraising events. Together they have supported us to run annual events such as The Supper Quiz and Maccabi Fun Run.

Without his support this charity would struggle to continue

Its members are often busy looking after their children and Bryan is always there to step in. Bryan has also helped to arrange for specialist Doctors from lsrael to come to the UK to support families struggling with FD, and guide their physicians in the UK as this is such a rare condition. Bryan also oversaw the supply of lifesaving vests from the USA which assist in clearing the lungs and making the children more comfortable and able to breath more easily. Bryan is a backbone for the committee, with his experience of running the charity and its finances, bringing on new members and leading the way as the committee looks to its future and the challenges that brings. Bryan continues to help create events that engage those families and children with FD.

His long-term enduring passion, commitment and achievements in helping others deal with this debilitating rare genetic condition deserved the recognition of our lifetime achievement award

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