Lack of family history is not a guarantee that you are not a carrier of the FD gene and the charity urges all people who are of childbearing age and Ashkenazi Jewish decent to be tested so that they can have an informed pregnancy.

What is a genetic test for FD?

This is the genetic test used to help confirm or rule out suspected genetic conditions and we recommend a genetic test for anyone who suspects they have FD or if they are of Ashkenazi Jewish descent and are planning a family.

How is testing arranged?

Your doctor or pediatrician can recommend a diagnostic test if there is a suspicion of disease.

Carrier testing for FD is only available on the NHS to people that have a clear family history of a particular disorder.

If you do not fall into the above categories testing can be done via the charity JNETICS.

Things to consider before FD testing

When considering having genetic testing, you can meet with a genetic councillor who will help explain the varied implications for you and other family members.  For more information please go to the JNETICS charity website.